As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about who will be coming into your guest room.

Will it be a guest that stays only one night or someone with you for an extended stay? How many guests are staying in your guest room? What kind of furniture should you get? There are so many questions!

This article will address some of these questions and give you tips to make sure each guest feels welcome for the holidays.

Create an Environment that’s Welcoming and Comfortable for Guests

Guest rooms should be a small oasis, so they feel relaxed and at ease in your home during their stay. A guest room with no decor is depressing to behold! Instead, create a space that feels like they are staying at Grandma’s house or somewhere equally cozy.

Guestrooms need the same basics as any bedroom:

  • linens
  • nightstands with lamps on them
  • comfortable furniture (bed of course!)
  • dresser/closet area,
  • flooring that can handle foot traffic

All these things come together to make up a charming guest room experience. Keep it simple by purchasing basic pieces instead of going overboard on ornate or expensive decor. If you have the budget, it would be nice to buy guest-specific items for your guest room, instead of using things already in other areas of your home.

For example:

  • Purchase a guest towel set with matching washcloths and hand towels, which can only be used by visitors.
  • Featuring guests’ names on their pillows will make them feel special too! Maybe even include an inspirational quote about being welcomed into someone’s space.

Personal touches like these show how much thought went into making this guest room truly memorable. It also shows that you care enough about them to put effort into buying something specific solely for them – adding more value to their stay at your house during the holiday season.


Be Sure to Make It a Truly Guest-Ready Guest Room

This means you need all your guest linens ready and available on their arrival, as well as some extra toiletries just in case they forget their own! You don’t want them coming into this new space unprepared for sleeping or personal hygiene needs. Guests will be so thankful if these simple things are already provided upon arrival. Think about what makes you comfortable when traveling, so you can create an environment for guests that eliminates guesswork from their stay with you during the holiday season.

Add Some Holiday  Pizzazz

Decorate around the holidays while keeping within a budget by using essentials like candles, holiday scented lotions, or guest soaps in the guest bathroom. You can also use your guest towels and washcloths to add some color by using fun holiday colors like reds, greens, golds – whatever you prefer!

If you have a fireplace that can be used, this is another creative place to put up decorations for guests. Using candles on mantelpieces will create added warmth, while also bringing their senses into focus when they enter your home during the winter. The smell of fresh-cut furs mixed with apple cider will make them feel right at home! There are even electric flame devices if an actual fire isn’t possible due to allergies or other reasons why it wouldn’t work for your living space.

Bring the seasonal spirit inside the guest room by using holiday scents like cinnamon, evergreen, gingerbread (or whatever spices you associate with your favorite time of year!) You can even use an old-fashioned wax melter or electric candle if preferred, instead of lighting candles for guests who may be wary about safety. Holiday decorations help create a warm and festive environment that’s truly guest-ready all throughout the winter season!

These simple decorating ideas go a long way when it comes to creating an environment within your guest room that truly makes them feel like they’re at home during their stay. Use what’s around you – especially those things closest to each guest’s senses (smell, touch) which is why holiday scents play such an important role here…try making up some guest soaps or guest lotions as well! The more you do outside the guest room to make them feel welcome, the better your guest experience will be.


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