If you have been on the lookout for ways to bring that international flavor into your space, then this blog post is just for you!

The world is a big place with an infinite number of sights. When you are traveling, the most common thing to do is to go explore different cultures and take in new scenery. But what about when you come home?

Here are some tips on how to infuse pieces from other countries into your own décor. 

1) Style: One of best things about international decorating is that it features many styles including rustic, modern, eclectic, etc. It’s all up to what feels right for your style and personality.

2) Aesthetic: This can be done by adding accents like pillows, rugs, wall art, etc. to represent your travel country.

3) Texture: When it comes to the texture of furniture and home décor you can vary from smooth, sleek finishes or rough-hewn pieces that are full-on rustic.

4) Colors: This is where things get really fun! There are many colors used in travel inspired furniture with pops of reds, oranges, blues and yellows being most common for inspiration.

5) Cultural Elements: Thinking about adding some cultural elements into your travel inspired decoration? Excellent idea! Go ahead and add in traditional pieces that represent that culture such as tribal drums, oriental fans, colorful textiles, etc. Searching and collecting these pieces is a life-long adventure.

6) Imports: There are some travel-inspired pieces that are made by travel inspired artists. These travel-inspired pieces can be found in the form of bags, ceramics, prints and other small decor items.

7) Accessories: Last but certainly not least—accessories! Pieces like travel journals, foreign language books (if you speak another one), travel trinkets, maps, globes and travel themed art are travel inspired must haves for your travel-themed rooms!

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate a home with influences from different countries to create an interesting mix that represents several cultures. Working towards these general categories can be so much fun to collect over time.

Here are some immediate ideas you can start incorporating now!

1) China Cabinet

China cabinets are perfect for travel-inspired spaces. They come in a variety of shapes and forms, but they are typically long pieces with glass doors, meant to store china ware. Putting travel antiques inside make it look like you’ve traveled all around the world when really you only went down the street. Try putting travel themed plates or other decor on display in this area for an added flair!

2) Bookshelves

Almost everyone has these in their homes, so why not travel the world while at home? Use travel paperbacks or old maps to decorate your bookshelves, making them look like they’re filled with hidden jewels just waiting to be discovered. Or just embrace the time-traveled vintage décor of a shelf full of well-loved books.

3) Coffee Tables

This is an area that should be used to travel! Use travel journals to decorate your travel themed coffee table. Fill up this table with travel decor to make it look travel worthy.

4) Dining Table

Similar to the living room, you can use the dining set as a place for travel accents to shine through. Try using travel mugs or plates on display here, adding to your travel related décor.

5) Kitchen Counters

Another commonly found spot throughout homes that makes good use of travel accented pieces are kitchen counters. Whether you’re looking for storage space or just want something decorative in the kitchen, putting some souvenirs atop your counter will help solve both problems without being too intrusive to your kitchen space.

If you’re like me, I love the idea of traveling to all corners of the world for new adventures and experiences. But sometimes we don’t have time or money to do that on a regular basis. That is why it can be so magical when we find our own little places in our home decor and furniture where we can escape from reality and relax with memories of exotic locales. Our showrooms are full of beautiful pieces that make any room feel like your favorite vacation spot – come by now for our special financing this month!

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