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You wouldn’t think that the placement of your bed had any significance in creating a relaxing and functional bedroom, but it does.

When you crawl into bed at night, do you feel a sense of calm? When you first moved into your home, did you give any thought to finding the perfect location for your bed?

Placing your bed in a location that promotes a positive flow of energy is one of the main factors in feng shui. Creating a visually pleasing and comfortable spot for one of the most essential pieces of furniture in your home is crucial.

#1 – On the Main Wall

The number one answer given by professional decorators across the board is a bed should always be placed on the main wall. You need a strong supporting wall to create a relaxing and inviting space for the one piece of furniture that is meant to refresh and energize you.

The only exception to this rule is if the main wall of your bedroom shares wall space with a bathroom or kitchen, you don’t want to hear the water pipes behind your head when you’re trying to sleep.

#2 – Face the door

Most homeowners feel more secure if they can view the bedroom door from their bed. The most popular options are placing the bed opposite the door, but not aligned with it. Another option would be putting your bed on the same wall as the door if the wall is large enough it could be considered the main wall. Some feng shui experts disagree with this position, but it does have its advantages.  Light from the hallway is less obstructive and you are hidden from view while sleeping.

#3 – Away from the Window

A bed should always be positioned opposite the windows. Light and temperature can affect a peaceful sleep, so keep the draft from windows and early morning light opposite bed placement.  A beautiful view from the bed is particularly lovely on those lazy weekend mornings.

#4 – Floating Bed

For those homeowners who have a large spacious bedroom, one great tip is to float your bed in the center of the room. For smaller rooms, you can angle it in a corner for a floating effect.   The key is to allow enough unobtrusive space around the bed to walk freely.  If space is limited, add storage under the bed to save floor space.

#5 – Balance

Feng shui is big on balance and uniformity. Nightstands should always be in pairs, even if they do not match. Avoid placing your bed under a chandelier or under a beam and avoid any sharp corners or angles pointed at the bed.

#6 – Ban Electronics

Your bedroom is the one place where the distractions from the outside world should be banned.  A restful sleep only comes when all electronics are void of the room. Charge your electronics in another room and replace your plug-in alarm clocks with a battery-operated one.

Ultimately you should put your bed where it feels the most comfortable for an optimal sleeping pattern. While the guidelines we’ve outlined here are from professional feng shui and interior designers, do what is best for your comfort.

The proof is always in a peaceful sleep.



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